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Innovative Rafter Square Tool

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SmartSquare is a premium instrument and is the new standard of rafter squares.


  • FLATWORK READYMake flat work a breeze. Our award-winning patented rotating fence easily pivots from 90 or 180 degrees for accurate flat surface work. A complete game-changer for carpenters, metal workers, and floor workers. Ergonomic, versatile, and left-hand friendly. Open up a new dimension of possibility and make your job easier.
  • AEROSPACE ALUMINUMDurable 0.25 inch anodized T6 extruded aluminum. Never cast aluminum: we're not melting down your old soda cans like many tool manufacturers. This is a premium CNC milled and hand-assembled construction tool. You can't afford cheap tools anymore.

  • FAST REPETITIVE MARKINGSUse our exclusive jig block and thumb screw to turn the speed square into a jig! Set the jig to any mark and lock in place. For reliable repetitive markings to save you time and money on the job site. Worth the price of admission alone.
  • SMARTBUBBLE: One vial: three readings. Level, plumb, and 45. Designed for a quick read. The only one of its kind in the world. Leave your torpedo level in the truck.
  • HIGH CONTRAST MARKINGSHigh visibility, sharp resolution, precision-etched markings. Speed is money. And finally, a fully laid-out fence!


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