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Revolutionary Universal Holographic Speedometer For All Vehicles

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Welcome to the Future of Driving - Meet Holographic Speedometer!

Plug → Go


  • Holographic Speedometer is the ultimate upgrade for your vehicle, bringing a cutting-edge, holographic speedometer to your dashboard. Simply plug it in, set it up, and watch your driving experience transform!
  • Universal Compatibility: Holographic Speedometer is designed to work with any vehicle that has a windshield, including cars, trucks, and buses. Wherever you drive, Holographic Speedometer is your perfect companion.

  • Always Visible - Day or Night: The digital holographic display of the Holographic Speedometer ensures your speed is visible, whether driving under the bright sun or through the darkest nights.


  • Plug it in: Use the included USB cable to connect the Holographic Speedometer to your car or an external power source.
  • Set it up: Follow the easy steps in the included manual to configure the device to your preferences.
  • Place it: Position the Holographic Speedometer on your dashboard in front of your steering wheel, against the windshield.
  • Drive: The digital display reflects onto the windshield, creating a "holographic" effect that shows your speed in real time!
  • Powered by USB or OBD
  • The Holographic Speedometer operates using the provided USB cable, which can be plugged into your car or an external power bank. Alternatively, you can connect it via your vehicle's OBD port, ensuring continuous operation.


  • 1 * Revolutionary Universal Holographic Speedometer For All Vehicles

1 * Head-up display
1 * USB cable
1 * Reflective film
1 * Instruction manual
1 * Anti-slip double-sided tape