Silicone toe corrector, toe separator
Silicone toe corrector, toe separator
Silicone toe corrector, toe separator
Silicone toe corrector, toe separator
Silicone toe corrector, toe separator
Silicone toe corrector, toe separator
Silicone toe corrector, toe separator
Silicone toe corrector, toe separator

Silicone toe corrector, toe separator

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😁Relax Your Feet😁

Our gel separators great for supporting curled hammer toes, help to align the great toe, relieve bunion pain, and deep joint pain between your toes. 

This non-surgical option can be worn all day to gently adjust the bones of your big toe to their natural position.

The 3-arch construction supports pressure evenly on the arch, heel and ball. Properly supports the 3 points to maintain balance of subtalar joint mobilization.

It is an indispensable innovation for the sequela and can be used to effectively correct a wide variety of foot problems.

Deal with bunions, foot pain and your posture the natural way

Genius device aligns feet and toes back to their natural state – for a healthy posture


Toe Separator and Posture Correction

This is where our new Orthopedic Bunion and Toe Corrector comes in. The simple, yet effective way to deal with bunions and body posture problems. Don’t be fooled by it’s simple design. The 5-hole separator, helps separate each toe from being squeezed or painfully rubbed, preventing the bunion from getting worse. It is also ideal for thumb valgus, toe soreness and flat feet. Furthermore, it stops toes from overlapping and corrects bent toes. It moves the angled toe back to its natural position while realigning skeletal system for posture correction. The three-arch support design evenly distributes pressure across arch, heel and ball of your feet, absorbing shocks and supporting the three points properly keeping subtalar joint mobilization balance.

posture balance toe separator bunion correctorAdditionally, our Toe, Posture and Bunion Corrector also straightens hips and prevents muscle imbalance from the foot upwards, reducing pain caused by poor walking postures. Given all of this, its super soft and elastic enough to be suitable for all toe sizes. Wear these with your shoes on or when just resting. Continuous use of the corrector will result to faster healing and a better body posture. Why resort to foot surgery when you can treat bunion in a painless and natural way.

flat feet body posture corrector

 Importance of Foot Health

Let’s be honest, many of us are simply unaware of the influence that the proper foot care has on quality of life. The fact is only a small percentage of the population is born with foot problems. It’s lack of awareness of proper care and neglect that bring on problems. Ignoring any pain impacts both the severity and the longevity of the pain itself, not just for bunion but any other foot pain! It’s best to act right away! Order now by choosing the color you like and hit “Add to Bag”.

  • TOE CORRECTION. Separates, smoothes and aligns your toes.
  • BALE CORRECTION. Separators increase the distance for the correct alignment of the toes and keep them aligned during the movement.
  • ATTITUDE CORRECTION. Straightens the hips and prevents muscle imbalance. Corrects kink knee and arch leg.
  • DISTRIBUTES THE PRINT. A normal toe with 3-arch support averages the pressure over the arch of the foot, heel and ball and keeps the body in balance.
  • Silicone gel, light, stretchy and comfortable.
  • All-day relief can be worn during the day or at night indoors or outdoors.
  • One size fits most.


  • Material: silicone
  • Color: white
  • Weight: 24 g


  • 1 pair of silicone toe corrector, toe separators