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Nut and Bolt Thread Checker

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Nut and Bolt Thread Checker

Excellent quality
The bolt and nut Identifier gauge is made of high quality materials, very sturdy and well made.
Quick identification
Simply thread a nut or bolt onto our thread checker to instantly measure the size.
High accuracy
Thread checkers are manufactured with high-precision machinery to ensure that every bolt and nut meets standard specifications.
Extensive dimensional inspection
It is a comprehensive tool for quickly determining the correct thread size and pitch.


Built in ruler with 6 inches and 14 centimeters on both sides, the screw thread gauge helps you quickly identify different length of bolt, screw, nut.

  • High Quality Materials

    The crafted with durable SUS304, all pillars are machined with ultimate precision, ensuring each bolt and thread complies with the Go & No Go Class 2B ANSI Standard gauge. Its high-quality gauge allows you to easily take it to different workplaces.

  • Sturdy and Durable

    The bolt and nut identifier gauge is made of exquisite craftsmanship due to the use of lightweight 6061 aluminum and SUS304 stainless steel and surface anodizing oxidation treatment, and has been tested to be sturdy and durable, not prone to damage and wear.

  • Easy-to-read markup

    Designed with white lettering on an orange background, the bolt identification plate features durable laser-etched inch and centimeter graduations on the edge of the bolt size and thread gauge for quick and accurate identification of various thread sizes.

  • Essential Tool

    These thread checker gauges are ideal for a variety of uses, suitable for a variety of scenarios, and can be easily mounted on a wall or toolbox. With its prepared mounting holes, it is an indispensable tool for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.

  • Extensive Dimensional Inspection

    Our nut and bolt thread checker quickly identifies 28 different sizes of bolts and nuts, measuring commonly used imperial SAE and metric threads, covering M4 x 0.7 to M14 x 2.0 hardware and #6 - 32 to 1/2 - 20 inch fine threads.

Easy to use

Our standard and metric thread checkers allow you to quickly and easily check nuts and bolts for the correct size, making it easy to replace broken, loose, rusted or worn parts.


This Screw Gauge Thread Checker serves as an indispensable tool and gift choice for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Its integrated design ensures that all components are securely and orderly fixed on the tool, eliminating any inconvenience caused by confusion or loss.


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What our customers say

Anyone who has a workshop full of assorted and mixed nuts & bolts will find this gauge invaluable! Hung next to my workbench. Used often. A quick reference for all measurements. Thank you!


This makes it much easier to identify thread and bolt specs quickly and easily. You don't need to carry bolts or nuts to the hardware store, you can easily inspect and then replace them. Overall quality is good with clear markings and the gauges I used worked perfect.


This is probably one of the highest quality nut and bolt sizers I have seen. The whole thing is made of aluminum with steel bolts. There is every size you would need for metric or standard in the smaller sizes and all of them are accurate.