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6 Pieces of Portable Luggage Packing Cubes

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Suitable for families / couples or longer trips.


A portable and versatile toiletry bag for on the go. Perfect for household, travel, vacation, business trip and even for outdoor camping, accommodation!


  • Clothes Storage Bags, Tidy Organizer
  • Lightweight, waterproof, portable, foldable, easy to store.
  • Perfect for travel, backpacking, camping, gym, beach or yoga.
  • Save time and space and make sure all your personal belongings are in a suitable location.
  • With Portable Packing Cubes you can travel or store garments, accessories and more.
  • The luggage handbag case set for luggage storage has a perforated design that allows good ventilation and the clothes smell clean and fresh. The pieces are kept in a neutral shade of gray.
  • This versatile set comes with six parts in different sizes to meet your needs.
  • 6 different sizes bag that can hold clothes, shoes, toothbrushes, makeup. Moth protection, mildew protection, moisture proof, good permeability.


Large mesh bag: 40cm (L) * 30cm (W) * 13cm (H)
Medium Net Package: 31cm (L) * 28cm (W) * 13cm (H)
Small net package: 30cm (L) * 21cm (W) * 13cm (H)
Large storage bag: 35 cm (L) * 27 cm (B)
Medium storage bag: 27cm (L) * 26cm (B)
Small storage bag: 26cm (L) * 17cm (W)



1 * 6 pieces of portable luggage packing cubes