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Automatic Curtain Opener Control

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Voice Control

Work with Tuya and Smart Life.

The automatic curtain robot can be compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant. Assign a simple name to each smart curtain motor, and use a simple dialogue starter to release your hands.

When you play with your child in the living room, it is not convenient to open the curtains. It is very simple. You only need to say "Alexa / Google, open the living room curtains" and the curtains will open automatically.

Remotely Control

Work with Tuya Smart Gateway to realize remote control.

Humanized design, remote control opening and closing curtains, no matter where you are, you can control the opening and closing of home curtains at any time to meet your privacy protection needs.

When you feel tired, you can open and close the curtains to the desired state through tuya APP without having to walk to the window.

Light Sensor

According to personal work and rest habits, set the curtain temperature sensor switch, when the light is greater than a certain level, the curtain will automatically close.

When sunlight enters the room as scheduled, the temperature continues to rise, and the curtains are automatically closed, which will not disturb you who are resting on weekends.

Timing Setting

Time arrangement, life proceeded in an orderly manner.

In the mobile app, you can set the curtains to open and close regularly according to your work and rest time.

In the morning, open the curtains regularly to wake up the sun in a new day. Before going to bed at night, the curtains will be closed regularly to help you sleep well. Every time you open and close as promised, life will be more convenient.


  • Motor voltage: 5V

  • Rated torque: 3KG

  • Travel speed: 20 seconds/m

  • Battery capacity: 4000mA lithium battery

  • Charging current: 5V/1A/Type-c interface

  • Standby power consumption: 600uA

  • Suitable for curtain: 99% curtain track in the market

  • Maximum learning distance: 20 meters

  • Working hours 6 months if it is opened/closed twice a day


  • Intelligent curtain robot*1,

  • Data cable*1,

  • Instruction manual*1