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EMS FootMassager Pad

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EMS FootMassager Pad is a FOOT MASSAGER that is made of NATURAL RESIN material. It works as a FOOT MASSAGER and MUSCLE SIMULATOR in one.



  • It is specially designed as a human foot shaped to target the main spots effectively and accurately and accupuncture points in human feet for treatment.

  • It has an infrared heating and vibration massage technique and has an intelligent speed change button to adjust vibration speed according to your own comfort level to achieve the best massage experience

  • Ems footmassager pad  can simulate the muscles of the feet and calves with its low-frequency pulse technology that promotes blood circulation and relaxes the feet.

  • It relieves the pain and reduces fatigue. It is portable and handy, so you can carry it anywhere with you to provide an instant relief when needed.

  • It is safe and comfortable to use as it is soft as a yoga mat. It is skin-friendly and its harmless to users.


  • Material: PU+Sponge

  • Size: 320*320mm

  • Weight: 38g

  • Output power: 52 V (MAX.)

  • Battery: 0-45 MA


  • 1 * EMS FootMassager Pad


  • This product is not suitable for a person who has heart disease and high blood pressure. Anyone fitted with a pace maker or auto implanted cardiac defibrillator. Pregnant women are not advised to use this product and person who has deep vein thrombosis to avoid mobilising clot.