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LED Cartoon Baby Ear Cleaner Tool

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Silicone Soft Luminous Ear Picker with Magnifying Glass


Check if baby has no plug and remove earwax before it gets worse
Why is cleaning ears properly so important?
When earwax is secreted in too large quantities, or it is not evacuated properly, there is a risk of plug formation in the ear.
Pediatrician-Online: "Cerumen plugs (wax) prevent hearing properly and cause a clogged ear sensation which is accentuated after showering or bathing. (...) In addition, the pressure they exert on the ear canal can cause ringing in the ears."
Traditional cotton swabs are a danger to your child!

E-health: "The cotton swab must be absolutely prohibited. Not only does its daily use promote the secretion of earwax, but it pushes the earwax and packs it to the bottom of the ear canal, which causes a plug and hinders hearing"
Choose a really suitable ear pick for baby, which allows you to help baby grow healthily.


  • Accuracy: The built-in magnifying glass and the professional light to easily care for baby's ears

  • Painless: Ear-safe soft silicone tips

  • Discreet: No noise, and easy to use. Can be used when baby is sleeping

  • Easy to carry: Compact design easily slips into a bag when traveling

  • LED Cartoon Baby Ear Cleaner Tool is a high-quality product that helps parents clean their baby’s ears quickly and easily. This tool has a bright LED light that makes it easy to see inside the ear, and it comes with a built-in magnifier for precision cleaning. The soft silicone tips are gentle on delicate skin, and the tool is small enough to fit in any diaper bag.


  • Color: Orange, Purple

  • Material: PC, TPE

  • Size: 10.00×3.00×2.00cm / 3.93×1.18×0.79in


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