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The Most Thrilling Game Of The Season Is Here! ⚡😱

This game is perfect for those fun occasions where friends are getting together and need some entertainment. The thrill starts when all the friends insert their finger into a bucket and the light indicator starts moving! 😈

Screaming starts when the buzzing sound stops and one of the friends get hit by a virtual current!
⚠️ Note : The shock isn't very intense but it is enough to make you jump a little! It's more the nervous anticipation that makes this so much fun.


  • Shocking drinking game ,when the beep stopped, when the screamin
  • Funny Reloaded Game is a really fun game to play with a group friends, especially for drinking game, it detects lies by shocking, when your friend who lies, it will shock
  • Great Party Gift for friends, family, it's a hit with kids and friends. A very fun game to play on family game night
  • Shocking drinking game puts a jolt in your party.
  • 2-6 persons are perfect to play with, put your finger into the small, light random rotation, when the voice sobbing sopped when the indicator light which refers to the game player, "Loser" fingers will be a shock


  • Weight : 0.24 KG
  • Material : ABS Plastic and Electronic component
  • Product size : 15*15*7cm

🎁Package Includes🎁:

  • 1 x Lie Detector Electric Shock Toy