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Pipe Inner Cleaning Brush

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With this flexible brush you can easily clean your dryer vent!

Maintaining your dryer vent is important to reduce drying time, improve dryer performance, and reduce the risk of fire from lint that builds up in the closed dryer duct and vent hood over time!

The inner tube brush has 6 flexible rods with which you can attach any drill and carry out cleaning effortlessly!


  • This efficient dryer vent brush can be used with or without a drill and will help you get professional results.

  • Removing lint from your drying duct will help reduce drying time and improve dryer performance while extending the life of your dryer.

  • This easy-to-use dryer vent cleaning kit with simple instructions provides great results and helps you avoid costly repairs.

  • Lint build-up can be dangerous and possibly cause a fire. Remove lint from your dryer regularly to avoid dryer fires.

  • Clean the fluff filter before or after each load to avoid unnecessary hazards.


  • Material: nylon

  • Rod length: 61 cm / 2 feet (6 pieces = 12 feet)

  • Brush diameter: 10 cm

  • Scope of application: Domestic industrial fireplace boiler dryer and other pipeline cleaning work


  • 1 * Brush + 6 * Rods or 1 * Brush or 1 * Rod